Load measurements on engineering structures

At the bmg, we have developed a measurement method for deformation measurement, with which deformations over large distances can be detected precisely.  


The method is based on the use of laser distance measurements.

A measuring section consists of an active sensor and a passive measuring target.


 The method is suitable for both static and dynamic measurements.


Our measuring technology is "open-minded". In addition to the laser measuring sections, any number of additional sensors can be integrated.


Measuring technology

The installation is connected to the IOT (Internet of Things) by installing a central processing unit (CPU). Any number of sensors can be integrated via the interface. In the CPU, the measurement data are compressed and provided with a time stamp. The CPU is freely configurable in terms of data storage, data processing, storage and transmission.


Power supply

Depending on the application, the power supply can be either a fixed power connection or self-sufficient system such as wind / solar or a fuel cell.


Data transfer

The data packets are quite small and in most cases can be transmitted over the GSM network. Alternatively, the data can be transmitted over a landline or via satellite.


Service and evaluation

In addition to the maintenance of the systems, we also offer you further services, from data preparation to in-depth analyzes and monitoring.