Motorway bridge of the A1, Hamburg Area, Germany

Currently, a measurement campaign is underway on a motorway bridge.

  • Year of construction: 1937
  • Type: steel, riveted
  • Manufacturer: Krupp

At the bridge, a system for traffic load detection is installed, for which we carry out comparative measurements. In addition to the traffic load recording, additional trends are set up for the remaining service life in which the load-dependent structure behavior is analyzed.


The measurements are accompanied by:


BAM - Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing

TUHH - Hamburg University of Technology Harburg



City bridge Hamburg


The city bridge was a dilapidated prestressed concrete bridge from the 1970s.



Automatic alarm when exceeded


The deformation was measured on two segments. The measurements took place in the winter months.

Our task was to issue automatic alarms when maximum values were exceeded in order to initiate traffic control measures.



With the use of laser measuring technology, the inventory bridge could be optimally utilized to the end.