Dynamic and static laser measurements

With our method of dynamic and static laser distance measurement, spatial displacements between two points over large distances are precisely recorded.

The method is based on a laser distance measurement. A measuring section consists of an active sensor and a passive measuring target.


             Laser sensors with measuring targets                               Laser sensors


Characteristics of ds-laser:

  • Non contact measurements up to 150m
  • Application temperature -40°C ... +60°C (with heating)
  • Measuring time 100... 1000 ms


Technical data of ds-laser:

  • Laser class 2 (EN60825-1:2007) 
  • Wave length λ = 635 nm
  • Power consumtion < 5 W
  • Sampling rate 0.1 ... 10 Hz
  • Protection class IP67
  • EMV EN 61326-1

Other sensors


Our measuring technology is "open-minded". In addition to the laser measuring sections, any number of additional sensors can be integrated. In accordance with local requirements, we can easily incorporate additional measures:

  • Temperature
  • Vibriation
  • Strain
  • Crack width
  • Concrete moisture
  • Inclination
  • ...