BMG Hamburg

The measurement technology specialists for structure monitoring 

Patented measurement technology for efficient maintenance management for civil engineering structures 



Condition monitoring records structural deformations before the stability of the structure is compromised 


Welcome to BMG Bauwerkmonitoring GmbH. We effectively support the pivotal role of the building structure inspector with our specialist services.

Our laser-based measurement technology records and analyses the dynamic behaviour patterns of civil engineering structures locally and globally. These include bridges, dams, retaining walls and tunnel structures.


It is possible to integrate additional sensors into our measuring system. For example, inductive position sensors to ensure precise monitoring of coupling joints and cracks.


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Our company

BMG Bauwerkmonitoring GmbH records the condition of civil engineering structures. 


Our measurement technology

We employ laser-distance sensors for the permanent structure monitoring.


Research and development

Component test on an original bridge section.

In collaboration with the University of Luxembourg.


Our references

Condition monitoring of a bridge with stress crack endangered steels (scc)